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Our Vision at AFOMA

A community driven ecosystem with a social impact

The Creative Manufacturing and Handmade Sector Challenges in a Post-COVID-19 Era

With the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the creative manufacturing and handmade (CMH) sector, saw much of their business come to a standstill. More concerning, is the fact that in the years prior to the pandemic, we have seen heritage skills being continuously erased by offshoring with no end in sight.

As the world economy starts to recover, the overall long-term growth outlook for the creative manufacturing and handmade (CMH) sector is very positive. According to the Powered By People report, with more than $500 billion in annual revenue last year, the global CMH sector is set to grow by 20% per year reaching $1 trillion by 2024.

However, if we continue to see an upward trend in retail buyers who source handmade goods largely from mass production facilities (B2B model adoption), the CMH sector, which is broadly dominated by a workforce of women, youth and rural populations will suffer. CMH is already the second-largest employer globally (after agriculture), but the sector has been chronically under-served by a lack of investment, digitization, access to business finance and global markets.


Our Value Proposition

AFOMA will advance responsible crypto innovation in the field of social impact and humanitarian aid through an ecosystem that will enable marginalized artisans and artists operating in the CMH sector.

This will be achieved through three pillars within this ecosystem that achieve the following goals:

  • Access to a global multi-vendor marketplace for handmade products that will promote a creator and handworker economy for artisans and artists through incentivization and eliminating barriers of entry and operations. In addition, create an ownership economy for our community through governance, which will include our retail buyers, artists and artisans.
  • Culture and heritage skill preservation through the adoption of NFTs.
  • Access to a rich and immersive experience where we can extend our social impact and overall vision at AFOMA (by projecting our handmade and NFT marketplaces) in the metaverse. Through this experience, we can offer Africa and other marginalized regions the ability to partake in this technology that will not only break cultural and economic barriers, but also build a human connection across races which we hope will help address racial disparities.
  • Join the Catalyst 2030 global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators who share the common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
  • Social Impact


    A decentralized social impact ecosystem


    Artisanal marketplace with AFOMA rewards for your purchases, referrals, curation and other contributions.


    Curated digital art NFT marketplace for traditional art powered by AFOMA (OMA) tokens for artisans and artists.


    Metaverse dedicated to artisans and artists which includes, artisanal districts, shopping , entertainment, culture and games.


    AFOMA Wallet

    An intuitive solution for a complex problem.

    mobile apps

    The AFOMA Wallet & Mobile App

    The AFOMA Wallet will be made available as a mobile-based and browser-based non-custodial wallet. The AFOMA Wallet prevents address reuse and is used for voting on governance proposals.

    State of the art crypto wallet integrated with banks, credit cards, DEXs, and mobile payments. The AFOMA wallet includes these features: multi-crypto currency support, non-custodial wallet with secure access to a private key, integration with popular DAPPs and the SELLITIC marketplace.

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    Advancing the Future of Market Access and Seeding
    an Equitable Future


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    A fast-growing population and unemployment has the potential of precluding the efforts to eradicate poverty across Africa and in many other developing countries.

    The early 2000s brought Internet technology to the mainstream leading to the growth of e-Commerce. This opened doors for many marginalized producers to access markets at an unprecedented rate. While this has had an impact in creating a better world, it has not eliminated frictions in payments and supply chain. The margins remain low for a large proportion of artisans across the world still struggling with poverty.

    The advent of blockchain technology and token-based models promise to create a much more equitable world for the unbanked and less privileged population.



    The Next-Gen Commerce Protocol


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    What is AFOMA?
    AFOMA is a technology driven organization that leverages a utility token designed and built to drive social impact through an ecosystem that promotes marginalized artists and artisans across the globe.

    Value Proposition
    To enable artists and artisans to scale beyond their local economy for developing regions such as Africa, through a social impact ecosystem that includes the world’s first blockchain integrated multi-vendor artisanal marketplace, NFT factory and Metaverse. In addition, contributing towards the sustainable development goals that includes poverty alleviation for people and communities we are engaged with.

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    Roadmap to Success and Prosperity

    ✓Q3 2021
    ✓Lite Paper
    ✓Website & Social Channels
    ✓Team Onboarding
    ✓Q4 2021
    ✓SELLITIC Beta v1.0
    ✓Q1 2022
    ✓Pre Sale
    Q2 2022
    Token Creation
    Private Sale
    SELLITIC Beta v2.0
    Public Sale
    DEX Listing
    Q3 2022
    AFOMA Wallet
    Partners Rewards Launch
    Q4 2022
    NFT Marketplace - ORUVAN
    CEX Listing
    Bridges to Popular Blockchains
    Q1 2023
    afomaland Beta v1.0

    The AFOMA Team

    AFOMA is created by a team of seasoned individuals with diverse experiences across emerging technologies,
    legal, e-Commerce, marketing, business, finance, academic and not-for-profit fields, with a truly decentralized organizational model.


    The AFOMA Advisors


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